Top 5 Cake Decorating Trends in 2018! Drip cakes, black cakes, shards, fresh florals, mermaids, galaxy and many more!

March 14, 2018

Top 5 Cake Decorating Trends in 2018! Drip cakes, black cakes, shards, fresh florals, mermaids, galaxy and many more!

We simply love how fast-paced the cake decorating industry is. Everywhere around the world, new cake trends and creativity keeps inspiring how we decorate cakes. Here are our top 5 favorite cake trends and sample photos (click on them to view the product). Some of my favorite bakers include @katherine_sabbeth, @nectarandstone, @rymondtn, lottieandbelle etc! 

1) Drip Cakes

We love dripping our cakes and all our bakers have perfected the drip look! From dark chocolate drip to coloured ganache drip, this has got to be one technique all modern bakers need to know!

Where to find Drip Cakes Singapore

My Little Pony Cake Singapore

Unicorn Cakes SG

2) Black Cakes

Black cakes are my personal favorite. They are mysterious and a blank canvas to accentuate any other colour. For example, bright coloured sprinkles on a black cake looks awesome by itself. We have tricks to achieve that jet black colour, if you like a tutorial, do follow us on our facebook and instagram.

Black cakes Singapore

21st Birthday Cakes SG/ Black and Gold Cakes Singapore

3) Marbled Cakes

Marbling or watercolor effect on cakes are beautiful and versatile, and no 2 cakes are the same. This technique is used commonly for galaxy cake, or our mermaid cake, or our simple watercolour cake. For example, if you are doing a white and blue watercolor cake, frost the entire cake in white, then add bouts of blue and start scraping; gradually add more if needed.

Mermaid cakes Singapore

Galaxy cakes and desserts in Singapore

4) Shards

We make shards out of chocolate and also sugar! Adding shards to cake adds height and a "background" that allows the design to pop out more. Shards can be made colourful and fancy, or sophisticated and classy.

trolls cake sg/ popular kids birthday cakes singapore

5) Fresh Florals

Other than cakes, flowers will be one thing I will gladly splurge during occasions. So why not incorporate fresh flowers into cakes? Brilliant right! These cakes are especially popular during Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and 21st birthdays! 

 Cakes with fresh flowers roses baby breath singapore

Which one will be your favourite? And would you like to see some tutorials on behind-the-scenes of our beautifully styled cakes? Leave a comment, like and share our post!