Thank you for being part of our repeat customer. To be part of our River Ash Rewards system, simply sign up an account and earn points as you make purchases or refer your friends!

You can fill up the form and we will reply you with the amount of points you have earn. Alternatively you can click on the floating "Rewards" button on the left hand corner of our website or this link below:

For every dollar purchase, you can earn 5 points

How to earn other points:

Like on Instagram          100 Points
Follow on Instagram      100 Points
Celebrate a birthday      100 Points
Share on Facebook       100 Points
Like on Facebook          100 Points
How to redeem:
Simply reach out to us before your purchase and give your account email. We will check and get back to you. You can then choose to redeem the points or accumulate
How may points to redeem:
500   Point   for $5 voucher
950   Points for $10 voucher
2250 Points for $25 voucher
4000 Points for $50 voucher


Share your referral link given to you at checkout and both you and your friend will get $5 voucher upon your friend completing their first order.


On earning other points, it is limited to once per action.

For Celebrate a birthday, 100 points will be given upon successful update of your birthday upon sign up.

Please reach out to us to find out more.