15 Best Cupcake Shops in Singapore [2021]

March 04, 2021

15 Best Cupcake Shops in Singapore [2021]


It is hard to not indulge in great food, and cupcakes are no exception. With many different cupcake stores, we are constantly finding the right cupcake to satisfy our sweet tooth. As more places begin to offer cupcake delivery services, we can now enjoy cupcakes in the comfort of our own home. Besides, cupcakes are also great celebratory food for birthdays and special occasions.

For such events, choosing the best cupcake delivery is imperative. Using this list of the 15 best cupcake delivery in Singapore, you’ll be able to choose the ideal cupcake delivery for any occasion.

River Ash Bakery specialises in cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, sweets and much more. They pride themselves in serving only the most fabulous, freshly-baked cakes to their customers every day. That makes us crave their cupcakes already.

Speaking of their cupcakes, they have some for literally every occasion. There are Rainbow Frosty, Floral Peachy, Rainbow Marshmallow, Pony Cupcakes, Dinosaur Cupcakes, and more. They’re beautifully crafted and are perfect for everyone whether you’re taking them to a party or intimate occasions.

Besodes, you can also join their hands-on baking class. You’ll learn the art of baking and decorating from one of the finest in the industry. Do remember to place an order two days before though.