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Styling: This ia a pinata cake for knock knock fun! It is a white chocolate coated sphere shell with a hollow top half and a half cake as the base. You can break the top shell with a provided mallet, revealing random candies, sweets and/or other confectionary. You can also choose to customize with other items with toy if available. Design is decorated with related fondant. Enjoy this fun trend!

Comes with 4 cupcakes. Please note images are for illustrative purpose and may contain custom add-ons. Please see details here for more accurate description of what will be provided.

We offer various other character design. Please see the photos gallery and state in notes/additional Request if you prefer another character design.

Default fondant will be Happy [age] Birthday [name]

2 Tiered Cake will come with a full cake at the bottom tier, decorated to the theme related colours and decorations.

Classic Flavours: Chocolate Fudge, Classic Vanilla

Premium Flavours (Top-up): Choc Mint Chip, S'mores, Choc Sea Salt Caramel, Cookies 'n' Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Coconut White Chocolate , Dark Chocolate Raspberry 

Cake Sizes: Small 6" (6-8pax) , Medium 8" (8-14pax), 2-tier 4"+6" Small (10-14pax), 2-tier 6"+8" Medium (20-30pax), 2-tier 8"+10" Large (30-40pax)

Serving sizes may be smaller than expected as the pinata has less cake than standard servings.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Milk, Butter, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cocoa Powder (where applicable), Chocolate, Natural Flavours, Food Colouring. May contain traces of nuts.

Date and time can be selected at check out page, once product is added to cart. Available for Delivery or Collection.

Cake Care:
  • All cakes are packaged in a white cake box with a cake board 2"-4" larger than the diameter of the cake. 
  • During transportation, please keep and hold cake on a flat surface
  • Keep cool and refrigerated, avoid direct sun
  • Cakes styled with fruits/edible flowers are best eaten within 24 hours of pick-up
  • Some cakes may contain inedible materials to hold the decorations. 
  • Do not store cake in freezer. If you are consuming your cake in a restaurant, kindly inform the restaurant. Storing cake in a freezer can drastically affect the taste and softness of the cake. 

Top-up for cake toppers (Optional) - We have a wide range of cake toppers to beautify your cake. Click here to visit our collection.


  • Photos are for illustrative purpose, and may contain customized add-ons such as fondant name and age, which are add-on. See Styling above for details of what is included. Sizes will differ based on the size you selected.
  • All products are hand-made. While we will keep to the design elements closely, there will be variation.
  • Intense colours such as black or dark colours may result in colour stains. we use food grade colouring and are safe for consumption.

 *Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details before placing an order*

 For queries, email to or +65 87003352 (Whatsapp Only)


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