Money Pull

River Ash Bakery


Money Pull is available to most cake designs. Please contact us to enquire which designs are suitable 

Denominations are up to $100 SGD notes

Up to 18 pieces of notes are recommended

Cake size has to be 6" and above. In 2 tier cake, the top tier has to be 6"
Please state the denominations you like to put in notes

We will remove a significant portion of cake to put the money pull box inside. (about 1-1.5 portion size). please cater for your portion needs.

If the existing cake does not come with a cake topper, please select need topper.

Warning: Do not put cake into a freezer. If you are doing a celebration at a restaurant, please inform them. Allow the cake to be out of the fridge for 20-30mins before cake cutting for the cream to soften to ensure a smooth pulling.

Pull the notes softly.

The money please transfer separately to paynow 201316868K at least 2 days before cake collection/delivery. 


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