Gender Reveal Pull

River Ash Bakery


Gender Reveal Pull is available to most cake designs. Please contact us to enquire which designs are suitable.

The pull will be done by pulling from a stick with a topper attached. The pull will reveal notes/paper in manner of continuous line of notes in plastic sheets.

The notes can be customized to your preference. The size of notes are about SGD $100.

The default for the pull will be: 
Alternating Blue-Coloured Paper and Pink-Coloured Paper
Towards the last 3 paper, it will be White paper with the words
BOY / GIRL (depending on gender)

We will usually stack up to 22 pieces of notes.

Recommend cake size is 8". Cake size has to be 6" and above. In 2 tier cake, the top tier has to be 6"

We will remove a significant portion of cake to put the pull box inside. (about 2-3 portion size). please cater for your portion needs.

If the existing cake does not come with a cake topper, please select need topper.

The pull mechanism will be placed in the centre of the cake. Do take note that it may block certain design elements, depending on the design you have chosen.

Warning: Do not put cake into a freezer. If you are doing a celebration at a restaurant, please inform them. Allow the cake to be out of the fridge for 20-30mins before cake cutting for the cream to soften to ensure a smooth pulling.

Pull softly.

While we do our best to pack the money pull, there will still be a chance of jamming due to the motion of money pulling. 


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