JSA 2 days completed Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course

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For this course, certificate will be issued by JSA(Japan Salonaise Association)

more info> www.salone-ze.sg 

Instructor: Teacher Jesley  (JSA Singapore Instructor, JSA certified icing cookie decorating instructor)

"Give life to a radiance woman, turn your hobby into wealth" which is the idea of JSA to aspire women to develop their own hobbies while raising children or working. Even beginners can start their own classes and share their knowledge with like-minded friends in their spare time.

“Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course” last for 12 hours. In this 12 hours, students will learn about 61 types of icing cookie techniques and make 16 works ( including a large scale work) No experience required!!

  •  2 hours X 6 lesson
  • Course Fee $1,520,(Lesson fee $1,100, Ingredients, Tools and Textbook $420)
  • Certification Fee $300 (Certificate ,  Gift Recipe for your own class x 3)
  • Annual Fee $48 (01/10~next year 30/09)< Will pay on second course day>

Apart from the basics of icing, student will also learn about how to make their original cookie cutters by using aluminium, brushing embroidery, modeling with rolled fondant, piping flowers… etc. In the last lesson, students will be asked to use all they learned from the class to make a large message cookie for their graduation exam!  We encourage students to create cookies with their own design after they become instructors, therefore we will teach decoration in sweet, girly, modern, elegant and shabby chic styles in this course. And we have provided opportunities for them to make their original design in the class.

Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course Lesson 1

~The basics of Icing Cookie~

You will learn:

  • How to baking the best cookie with icing
  • How to make Icing
  • How to distinguish the hardness of icing
  • How to make piping bags
  • How to color icing
  • How to paint on the cookie with Tweed, Dots, Arrow-feather & Heart

First of all the basics are important! Let’s learn the basic so that you can make delicious icing cookies.

Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course Lesson 2

~Master the wet-on-wet technique~

You will learn:

  • How to make your original cookie cutter with aluminium
  • How to combine different parts
  • Master design capabilities ( challenge original design)
  • How to make black icing
  • How to paint without collapsing
  • Wet-on-wet technique in 3 patterns (Giraffe, Zebra and Leopard)

If you use your own cookie cutter with your own design, then you can make your unique icing cookies!!

Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course Lesson 3

~Master intricate piping~

You will learn:

How to color baby pastel color (salmon pink and baby green)

  • How to make silhouette (animal and letter)
  • Quilting patterns
  • Piping intricate lace patterns (double lace, triple lace, CS lace etc)

Every girls like girly cookies! In this lesson, you will learn not only the intricate piping techniques but also some lace patterns! After learning of the silhouette technique, you can master in any difficult silhouette decorated cookies!

Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course Lesson 4

~Master piping with nozzles~

You will learn:

  • How to color shabby chic(4 types)
  • How to pipe flowers (Daisy, 5 petals flower, Leaves, Ruffle Flower Corsage)
  • How to pipe ribbons

After learning of piping, cookies will become more lovely!

Put it on a dress, flower basket, lump sugar…It is an indispensable technique as a lecturer that the width of the icing cookie spreads.

Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course Lesson 5

~Master sugar paste~

You will learn:

  • How to color Tiffany blue
  • How to make sugar paste die cutting
  • How to make ruffles (stylish ruffles and elegant ruffles )
  • How to make ribbons
  • How to use embossers, texture mats, art sticks, knives and modeling tools
  • How to paste beautiful cookies
  • Original method of making mat for sugar
  • Brush embroidery
  • Zig-zag piping


Icing Cookie Decorating Certificate Course Lesson 6

~Master Icing Cookies~

Graduation Exam. You will need to use a large piece of cookie as a message board!

Well manage 2 hours and apply all the techniques you have learned from lesson 1 to lesson 5 to make your very own original designed cookie!

Some of the participants use this message board as the profile picture of their Facebook or Instagram as well as the banner of their workshop.

*Passing the graduation exam means you can start your own workshop as a JSA certificated instructor (including certificate course). 

Please be note that all course need tools, certification, textbook, documents will import form JSA HongKong Headquarter directly. So please make full course payment 2 weeks before the start of the class date to secure your slots.

【Payment Options】
1, Online Transfer
SGD Account No: 7013 400 524
Bank name: United Overseas Bank Limited
Bank Swift: UOVBSGSG
Bank Code: 7375

2, Paynow UEN No: 201316868K

3, Credit card 

Invoice will send by email once we received the payment.

Highly Recommend this course to those:

  • Interested in creating beautiful confectionaries
  • Developing a craft to sell them for income
  • Expand their skills and knowledge from their techniques and experiences so far
  • Able to make a work with unique personal style and would like to learn how to start a class
  • Interested in designing their own original work and design
  • To prove skills and ability with obtaining qualifications
  • Want to start from the beginning
  • Want to be able to start my own course at a low cost


  • Students should participant in all 6 lessons staring from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you need to register as a lecturer (Authorized registration fee $300 · annual fee $48 ) After registration you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association in 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive 3 gift recipe for your own class use and a textbook manual.